Through Our Eyes: Belfast / New York
New York Events
Sept. 5-30, 2006 Through Our Eyes: Belfast, The Painting Center, New York, an exhibition of work by artists from Northern Ireland. Curated by Gail Ritchie. Artists included Claire Whitten, Rita Duffy, Acitore Artezione, William Artt, Jack Pakenham, Ruth McCullough, Adele Pound, Emma Connolly, Ray Duncan, Jennifer Trouton, Ima Pico, Peter Richards, Gail Ritchie. Six artists from Northern Ireland traveled to New York. Poet and novelist Paul Muldoon spoke at the opening. Muldoon, who teaches at Princeton, is one of Ireland’s most distinguished writers.
Sept. 2006 New York Artist Studio Tour, studio visits in New York by Irish artists, with lunch and discussion. The public was invited.

Sept. 2006 Through Our Eyes: Belfast, a screening in conjunction with the Institute for Irish American Studies, Pace University, New York City, of a video representing art by Irish and American artists.
Sept. 2006
National Identity vs. Ethnic Identity: How the artists see their role in culture, a panel discussion hosted by Pace University Institute for Irish American Studies.
Belfast Events
Oct. 18 - Nov. 11, 2006 Through Our Eyes: New York, an exhibition of work by New York artists at The Art Bank, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Presented by Green Dog Arts in association with the Irish Cultural Council, as part of the Belfast Festival at Queens Univ.
Curated by Jo Wood-Brown. Artists included Michael Zwack, Barbara Friedman, Robert Janz, Ross Neher, Sandi Slone, Bill Brand, Maura Sheehan, Mark O’Grady, Edward Shalala, April Vollmer, Mimi Gross, Gwenn Thomas, Katy Martin and Jo Wood-Brown. Ten of the fourteen artists from New York traveled to Belfast. The American Ambassador, Dean Pittman, spoke at the opening. Lilly Wei, critic and art historian, traveled to Belfast for the opening. Two of the American artists also presented films at Queens University.
DATE: Oct. 2006 The Desire to Make Things Right, a roundtable discussion at the Black Box Gallery, Belfast, including artists from New York, Germany and Northern Ireland.
DATE: n/a The exhibition and panel were part of the Belfast Festival at Queen’s University.
DATE: n/a Artist Studio Tour, studio visits in Belfast by New York artists.
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Acitore Artezione
William Artt
Bill Brand
Emma Connolly
Rita Duffy
Ray Duncan
Barbara Friedman
Mimi Gross
Robert Janz
Katy Martin
Ruth McCullough
Ross Neher
Mark O’Grady
Jack Pakenham
Ima Pico
Adele Pound
Peter Richards
Gail Ritchie
Maura Sheehan
Sandi Slone
Gwenn Thomas
Jennifer Trouton
April Vollmer
Claire Whitten
Jo Wood-Brown
Michael Zwack
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