Through Our Eyes: New York
New York Events
n/a Monthly Artist-to-Artist studio visits throughout Lower Manhattan. These were open to the public and had a regular following. Studios visited were: Ross Neher, Michael Zwack, Katy Martin, Bill Brand, Mimi Gross, Barbara Friedman, Robert Janz, Sandi Slone, April Vollmer, Jo Wood-Brown, Gwenn Thomas, Edward Shalala, Nancy Davidson,
Jan 2004 Through Our Eyes, 2004, exhibition and panel discussion, Art-in-General, New York.
n/a International artists studio visits all boroughs, Shuli Sade, Donna Dennis, Ana Linneman

Other Exchanges

- Wuppertal / New York Exchange
- Belfast / New York City Exchange
The very complex visual language, evident in the artists’ works, exchanged fluidly among peers without comment from the outside. Our material remained in our own hands to see it as a community of ideas, free from the commercial avenues of exchange and entertainment. In the process, we began to recognize our voice-the artist’s voice- as a powerful...
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Bill Brand
Barbara Friedman
Mimi Gross
Robert Janz
Katy Martin
Ross Neher
Sandi Slone
Gwenn Thomas
April Vollmer
Jo Wood-Brown
Michael Zwack
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